AHS welcomes James Winston to our growing Atlanta Team

October 28, 2020

AHS Residential is proud to announce that James Winston will be joining the company’s expanding team in Atlanta as Construction Manager.

James brings over 17 years of experience in real estate development and has built over 3,000 homes in the Atlanta area. As Construction Manager, he will liaise with our development team and oversee the construction of close to 2,000 units in the Atlanta region.

Before joining AHS Residential, James delivered 10 multifamily projects in Atlanta and Central Florida, totaling more than $350 million in development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Morehouse College and a master’s degree in real estate development from Auburn University.

“James is a great addition to our construction team as we get our first project off the ground in Atlanta,” said Rodolfo Guerra, Director of Construction at AHS Residential. “He will be my eyes and ears in Atlanta, managing our relationships with local subcontractor and design partners, and serving as an AHS ambassador.”

James is the AHS Residential’s first major hire as it expands its footprint beyond South Florida, part of a mission to build quality apartments that are accessible to middle class families throughout the country. In addition to developing multiple projects in Atlanta, the company plans on expanding to Dallas this year.

We sat down with James to hear more about his vision for AHS Residential’s expansion in Atlanta:

Q: What drew you to AHS Residential?
A: What drew me was the product that we are putting together. AHS Residential is developing, producing, and implementing a new production line of apartments for a key segment of the population that has long been priced out of the market. Building affordable, but quality apartments with no government subsidies at a time when the country faces an unprecedented housing crisis, is a mission I can stand behind.

Q: How do you envision your role as Construction Manager:
A: I’ll be overseeing the boots on the ground in Atlanta, but more importantly, I will introduce the company to the Atlanta market. As AHS’ first hire in Atlanta, I will help establish our office there and work closely with both the development and the construction team to understand how we can best serve the city’s residents. From identifying a potential project, to handing residents their keys, I will be there to ensure we are finding the best opportunities to give the residents of Atlanta quality rental options where they most need it.

Q: What would success look like for you in this role?
A: Success in my mind would be finishing projects on time and within budget, and quickly stabilizing the property. I’ve worked on a number of apartment communities and built several thousand apartments home over the years with multiple developers. I’ve seen a lot. I hope to help AHS Residential understand the unique characteristics of the market conditions in Atlanta to create efficient and marketable projects.

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